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Honesty Purple and White - approximately 50 seeds

It blooms from March to April in rich, purples, pinks and starry bi-coloured combinations with white. It's a vital nectar plant and therefore popular with butterflies, very easy to grow, normally self-seeding itself in sunny or shady positions. Over a long season it produces masses of silvery pods.

Price  $ 3.99
Primula auricula Douglas Prize Mix - approximately 90 seeds

World-famous strain producing exotic bicolours, primrose yellow centres with rich velvet surrounds including carmine, maroon-carmine, coral pink, deep orange, maroon-black and many more. Ideal for partially shaded positions on rockeries or borders, or spring flower beds, pots, tubs etc. Flowers early spring. Height 23cm (9in).

Price  $ 4.99
Red Valerian Star Ruber Mixed - approximately 100 seeds

A beautiful border plant beloved by bees and butterflies. Mixture contains three colours: rose, white and maroon. Plants are lightly fragrant, long flowering and may also be used as a cut flower.

Price  $ 4.49
Buddlia davidii mixed - approximately 75 seeds

A strong growing easy to raise shrub producing fragrant plumes during the summer which are much loved by butterflies. A selection saved from named varieties. Flowers summer.

Price  $ 3.99
Aquilegia viridiflora Chocolate Soldier - 20 seeds

This rare, choice species features delicate, nodding, chocolate-brown, 1.5cm (1/2 inch) blooms from late spring onwards. These neatly compact plants are perfect for borders and rockeries. A collectors item.

Price  $ 4.99
Gloriosa superba - 6 seeds

A truly lovely climber with showy scarlet and yellow blooms with crimped petals. Few climbers can compare for brilliance or for their fantastic recurved flowers and unusual foliage.

Price  $ 5.49
HIMALAYAN BLUE POPPY Meconopsis bet. - 50 seeds

Originating from the lush, mountainous regions of south-eastern Tibet, this almost magical blue flowered perennial is ideal for growing in a cool, sheltered position. For best results there is a little trick - provide it with an acidic, moist, yet free draining soil that won’t dry out – especially during the summer months. However during the winter the roots need to be kept more on the dry side, so if they are likely to be water logged - cover the plants to protect them from rain.

Price  $ 4.99
Passiflora alata - 6 seeds

Attractive and sweetly scented 10cm (4in) flowers of purple/white and crimson which will flowering from spring through to autumn in a frost fee environment. It aslos produces edible fruits, popular in Brazilian markets.

Price  $ 2.99
Angels Trumpet - Blackcurrent Swirl - 15 seeds

A dynamic border, container or conservatory plant with large, beautifully double frilled flowers of blackcurrant and lilac-mauve. The many flowers are earlier than most and continue through to frosts outdoors. Flowers mid summer-autumn. Height 1.4m. (5ft)

Price  $ 6.49
Bird of paradise: (Strelitzia reginae) - 7 seeds

Unparalleled beauty of colour and form. Fantastic, exotic flowers justly famous. Grow them in your own greenhouse. One of the most rewarding of plants, it will take quite a bit of abuse and careless handling. Flowers spring. Height: 60-90cm (24-36in).

Price  $ 8.99
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