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Pepper Hot Thai Culinary - approximately 35 seeds

Extremely hot variety originally from Thailand. Plants become covered with 1-1/2 inch long peppers that are green at first but ripen to red. Both colors appear on the plant at the same time making this variety ornamental as well as edible. Thin fleshed peppers are used especially in Oriental dishes

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Pepper ‘Hot Jalapeno’ – approximately 50 seeds

These thick-walled 3 inch long peppers are often harvested green and used in many Mexican dishes. For obvious reasons they are also known as the ‘Pizza pepper’. They are best grown in a greenhouse but if you start them off early indoors they can also be grown outdoors. Sow indoors around January for if you want them to establish quickly for outdoor planting or sow anytime up to the end of March for greenhouse growing.

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SPINACH Oriental Mikado F1 - 500 seeds

Spinach Oriental Mikado has unusually shaped, dark green leaves which can be grown throughout the summer and autum period. It produces tasty, soft textured leaves which can be harvested as baby leaves or left to mature.

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Sweetcorn : Early Xtra Sweet F1 - approximately 30 seeds

At harvest time Sweetcorn Early Xtra Sweet is twice as sweet as other varieties. Instead of the sweetness and flavour deteriorating as in other sweet normal varieties, Sweetcorn Early Xtra Sweet has a rich sugary flavour and is easy to grow.

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Tomato - BLIGHT RESISTANT 'Ferline' - 15 seeds

Not only has this new variety shown excellent tolerance to ‘Late Blight’, it has also proven itself to be highly resistant against both fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt. As with the new ‘Legend’ cultivar, ‘Ferline’ has also tested extremely well in garden trials. It produces heavy crops – up to 5oz per plant – of flavoursome, deep red fruits. Although it does well sown outdoors ‘Ferline’ is also suitable for growing under glass.

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Tomato Roma Italian Plum - the tomato ketchup tomato - 75 seeds

Semi-Bush (Semi-Determinate). Almost every home has ketchup. Children love it - it goes with so many things and it's very easy to make. Bred for ketchup, tomato juice or soup making. Tomato Roma is very thick, juicy, nearly seedless and plum shaped tomato with a deliciously different flavour which makes it an excellent variety for eating fresh as well. Tomato Roma is very heavy cropping and disease resistant and can be grown outdoors or in the greenhouse. 

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Tomato Sungold F1 - 10 seeds

An excellent new tomato for glasshouse or outdoor culture that will provide heavy crops for salads etc. Tomato Sungold has an exceptional and very high sugar content making it one of the best flavoured tomatoes around. These attractive golden orange, approx. 13 gram, fruit are irresistible with a sweet flavour all their own - almost a dessert fruit! Sungold crops well and has resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Fusarium to ensure healthy plants

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Tomato ‘Big Red’ Beefsteak F1 approximately 10 seeds

A large ‘beefsteak’ variety with very good flavour, the meaty fruits are ideal for cooking and slicing for sandwiches. High quality, it has a good resistance to tomato mosaic virus, fusarium, verticillium and other diseases. Sow indoors around January for if you want them to establish quickly for outdoor planting or sow anytime up to the end of March for greenhouse growing.

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Tomato ‘Chipano’ F1 approximately 10 seeds

This fantastic, bite sized tomato variety has never been more popular and by growing your own from seed you can really create those truly authentic dishes inspired by traditional Mediterranean dishes and regional cuisines now found throughout the western world. Tomato ‘Chipano’ has high yields of wonderfully sweet and very juicy, bright red cherry tomatoes which have a very good resistance to disease. Start them off early enough indoors and they can be grown outside as a normal garden crop, otherwise sow as late as the end of March and grow as a greenhouse crop.

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Amaranth Calaloo - red leaf - approximately 500 seeds

A favourite vegetable throughout the Caribbean and Asia. The leaves can be cooked and used in the same way as spinach and the young leaves and stems can be harvested to use in salads. 

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