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Strawberry Alpine Baron Solemacher - approximately 200 seeds

Alpine strawberries are renowned for the exquisite flavour of their small berries. These compact, bushy plants produce very few runners and are ideal for containers, hanging baskets and borders.

Price  $ 4.49
Strawberry 'Sarain' F1 Hybrid - 10 seeds

A new generation of ever - bearing strawberries from seed. Strawberry Sarian produces an abundance of large, firm, bright red fruits, throughout the summer until the frosts, from an early spring sowing. Sweet juicy fruits containing high sugar and Vitamin C levels. Compact, well branched plants develop runners before flowering, and also bear fruit. Strawberry Sarian is ideal in baskets, containers or Flower Pouches

Price  $ 6.49
Cape Gooseberry - 15 seeds

A dwarf Golden Berry with branching stems and a bushy habit. Golden Berry Pineapple is best grown under glass, producing succulent pineapple flavoured fruits enclosed by a papery husk, looking like Chinese lanterns. Huge crop of fruits throughout late summer/autumn. Golden Berry Pineapple can also be grown outdoors in a sunny, sheltered site.

Price  $ 3.99
Melon 'Galia' F1 Hybrid - 10 seeds

The Galia Melon absolutely oozes with sugary sweet juice and crisp succulent flesh. Galia Melon is very vigorous with fruit maturing early and in rapid succession. Highly mildew resistant

Price  $ 5.99
Watermelon 'Blacktail Mountain' - 15 seeds

Developed in Idaho to be cold tolerant during summer nights, but also does well under warmer conditions. The fruits of Watermelon Blacktail Mountain have dark green skins with juicy, crunchy scarlet flesh, weighing up to 5kgs (11lbs).

Price  $ 3.99
Melon 'Castella' (Amber Nectar) - 5 seeds

Specially bred to produce large melons out of doors. The fruits of Melon Castella can average 3-3.5lb and are tender, juicy and sweet, in fact liberally loaded with luscious flavour. Store in the fridge for at least 1 week longer than standard varieties and they freeze well too. Melon Castella is ideally suited to a warm, sheltered, sunny spot of the garden or greenhouse, frame or polytunnel. Resistant to powdery mildew and Fusarium races 0 to 2.

Price  $ 8.49
Rhubarb 'Glaskin's Perpetual' - 60 seeds

Large, juicy, bright red sticks. Started in heat in late winter Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual can be harvested lightly the following year. Excellent for tarts, pies, jam, wine, forcing etc. and very easy to grow in any odd corner of the garden. Expect some variation in the seedlings.

Price  $ 3.99
Kiwi Fruit - 20 seeds

Vigorous and ornamental, the Kiwi Fruit ideal supported on a sunny wall. Heart shaped leaves and charming clusters of moderately fragrant 1½ inch flowers. Grow 3 to 4 plants close together to produce Kiwi Fruit.

Price  $ 2.99
Strawberry woodland 'Mignonette' - 320 seeds

The wood alpine strawberry, Strawberry Mignonette produces lots of quality, tasty fruit. Excellent for hanging baskets and containers. In France Strawberry Mignonette is used for decorating pastries etc. and dropping into a glass of champagne.

Price  $ 2.99
Ensete Glaucum Hardy snow banana - 4 seeds

The hardy Snow Banana is native to the mountainous regions of China and Nepal. and can be found up as heigh as 1,100 meters. In fact in China it has been found as hight as 2,700 meters. It can grow to between 15 and 20 ft in height and will produce massive pendulous, white flowerheads. Given the right conditions it will also bear numerous 5 inch long fruits which develop within the flowerhead, and are laden with black marble size seeds. The pseudostem (trunk) and the leaves are covered with a glaucous, grey-green wax, giving the stem a bluish coloration.

Price  $ 7.49
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