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Lettuce Winter Density - approximately 1250 seeds

You wouldn’t believe that a plant associated with such soft succulent and tasty leaves would have the slightest chance of surviving a northen European winter but there are a number of rock-solid varieties that will. The most popular of these in the UK are ‘Winter Density’- perhaps the hardiest of all winter lettuce.It is crisp, solid and full of flavour as well as being a good source of vitamens C and A.

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Mesclun (small salad leaves) mixed– approximately 500 seeds

This mix of tasty selection of crisp salad leaves is has a delicious variety of taste ranging from spicy to mild with a hint of sweetness. Typical of the Mediterranean region it is especially popular in both France and Italy. Growing salad crops in the garden has never been more popular and by producing your own from seed you can really create those truly authentic dishes inspired by those traditional Mediterranean dishes now popular throughout the western world. Mesclun seeds can be sown anytime from April until the end of August.

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Mizuna ‘Kyoto’ – approximately 750 seeds

This very easy to grow oriental salad leaf is essential for that authentic flavour in salad mixes and tasty stir-fries. It has beautiful, deeply cut glossy leaves that bring with them a mild spicy tang. They can be picked as baby leaves salads or left to mature and used in stir-fries. Growing salad crops in the garden has never been more popular and by producing your own from seed you can really create those truly authentic dishes inspired by those traditional Asian dishes now popular throughout the western world. Mizuna ‘Kyoto’ seeds can be sown anytime from March until the end of August.

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Spring Onion 'White Lisbon' - Organic - 400 seeds

The traditional and most popular Spring Onion for successional sowings. Spring Onion White Lisbon produces long, white stems and bright green tops, and slow to bulb. Spring Onion White Lisbon is delicious when young or a more pungent flavour as bulbs swell. Easy to grow.

Bred to give increased Hybrid vigour, garden performance and flavour, thus increasing your harvest. Due to their wide ranging pest and disease resistance, there will be no need for the use of chemicals, making them ideal for organic gardeners.

Price  $ 3.49
PEPPER Sweet Romano - approximately 50 seeds

Pepper Sweet Romano produces long and pointed fruits with thin skins, very sweet flesh and the added benefit of very few seeds. A popular choice of pepper that is grown throughout the Mediterranean, it is suitable for growing either in a green house or outside in a warm sunny position.

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Pepper ‘Hot Jalapeno’ – approximately 50 seeds

These thick-walled 3 inch long peppers are often harvested green and used in many Mexican dishes. For obvious reasons they are also known as the ‘Pizza pepper’. They are best grown in a greenhouse but if you start them off early indoors they can also be grown outdoors. Sow indoors around January for if you want them to establish quickly for outdoor planting or sow anytime up to the end of March for greenhouse growing.

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RADISH French Breakfast 3 - 1000 seeds average

A popular radish producing cylindrical, crisp red roots with a white tip and superb flavour. Fast growing and ideal for use as a catch crop between slower growing vegetables.

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RADISH Hilds roter Neckarruhm approximately 200 seeds

Radish Hilds roter Neckarruhm is an easy to grow variety that produces tapering roots up to 12 inches long. It produces a lovely mild flavour combined with a crunchy texture. In Germany - its country of origin - it is served as a snack with beer where it is simply sliced and rubbed with salt.

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Rocket 'organic' - approximately 400 seeds

Very quick growing, Rocket is a vigorous, robust plant with pungent leaves. Easy to grow, these attractive and nutritious leaves have varying degrees of bite. Use as a main ingredient of a mixed green salad to add zest and texture.

Price  $ 3.49
SPINACH Oriental Mikado F1 - 500 seeds

Spinach Oriental Mikado has unusually shaped, dark green leaves which can be grown throughout the summer and autum period. It produces tasty, soft textured leaves which can be harvested as baby leaves or left to mature.

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