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Basil 'Classico' - approximately 4000 seeds

Basil 'Classico'  is arguably the most popular Basil, essential for authentic Italian cuisine with strong scent and flavour. Basil 'Classico' is easy growing herb for the windowsill or outdoors. It has a mild aniseed flavour and can be used in all manner of dishes. It is ideal for many Greek and Italian recipies and creates a classic taste combination with tomatoes.

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Chives garlic/chinese - aproximately 400 seeds

Garlic chives, or Chinese chives, differ from ordinary chives in having flat leaves and have a delicate mild garlic flavour. They can be used in the same way as chives and are excellent in salads, stews, fish, egg or meat dishes. The blossom buds are a Chinese delicacy and can be eaten raw, stir fried or added to scrambled eggs.

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Watercress - 500 seeds approximately

The European watercress - Nasturtium officinale, as been eaten as part of the human diet as far back as history can record. Fortified with more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals, even since ancient times its health giving properties have been highly valued. In fact Hippocrates - the Father of modern medicine - is said to have deliberately located his first hospital beside a stream so that he could grow a plentiful and convenient supply of watercress with which to help treat his patients.

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Fennel Florence Finale - approximately 100 seeds

Florence Finale produces firm, flatterned bulbs with good bolt resistance. It has a delicious, sweet and delicate aniseed flavour. Use in salads and with fish to counteract oiliness. The fine, feathery foliage can also be used as a garnish.

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This popular variety of lavender as been a much loved favourite for many years now and for good reason too. Ideal for edging and hedging, not only does its highly aromatic leave and flowers sooth the senses, it’s also a fantastic plant for attracting beneficial pollinating insects such as the native bumble bee.

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Rocket 'organic' - approximately 400 seeds

Very quick growing, Rocket is a vigorous, robust plant with pungent leaves. Easy to grow, these attractive and nutritious leaves have varying degrees of bite. Use as a main ingredient of a mixed green salad to add zest and texture.

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Coriander - Organic - 150 seeds

A quick growing, dual purpose annual herb that is grown for its seeds or fresh young leaves. Coriander seeds are delicious in cakes, and when crushed add an orangey flavour to meat dishes. The young leaves of coriander (often called 'Cilantro') can be finely chopped and added to curies, sauces, chutneys and salads. Height: 60cm (24”). Spread: 25cm (10”).

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Oregano 'organic' - 500 seeds

This hardy perennial herb has sweet smelling, aromatic foliage which is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. Try it sprinkling oregano on lamb or pork before cooking. Oregano, also known as Pot Marjoram makes a useful and low maintenance addition to the herb garden. The flowers produced in summer and autumn can also be used for flavouring after they have been gently dried. Height and spread: 45cm (18").

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Parsley ‘Italian Giant’ - organic - 6600 seeds

With good pest and disease resistance Parsley ‘Italian Giant’ or 'Prezzemolo Gigante d'Italia' makes an excellent choice for the organic gardener. This flat-leaved parsley has intensive flavours that are ideal for flavouring soups and sauces. Try growing parsley indoors on a bright kitchen windowsill, where this hardy biennial makes a fine windowsill herb. Height and spread: 45cm (18”).

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Parsley 'Lisette' Moss Curled' - 750 seeds

A selected strain of curled- leaved parsley with a tightly curled, rich green leaf that is ideal for garnishing, and flavouring soups and stews. Try growing parsley indoors, where Parsley ‘Lisette’ makes a fine windowsill herb. Height and spread: 30cm (12”).

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