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Pepper Hot Thai Culinary - approximately 35 seeds

Extremely hot variety originally from Thailand. Plants become covered with 1-1/2 inch long peppers that are green at first but ripen to red. Both colors appear on the plant at the same time making this variety ornamental as well as edible. Thin fleshed peppers are used especially in Oriental dishes

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Parsley plain leaved organic - 400 seeds
 This hardy biennial is one of the most popular herbs for culinary use as a garnish, flavouring sauces and pastry, and associating particularly well with fish. With a stronger flavour than curled varieties, this ‘Flat-leaved’ or ‘Italian’ Parsley makes a useful, low maintenance addition to herb gardens, or grow parsley indoors on a bright kitchen windowsill. Height and spread: 45cm (18”).
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Rosemary organic - 50 seeds -
 Sow rosemary seeds from March to May, in pots or trays on the surface of moist seed compost and cover with a sprinkling of finely sieved compost. Place in a propagator at 16 - 20C (60F) or seal inside a polythene bag until after germination. Germination of rosemary seeds tends to be erratic and usually takes 12-40 days. When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into trays or 7.5cm (3") pots and grow on in cooler conditions until large enough to plant outdoors.

When all risk of frost has passed, gradually acclimatise rosemary plants to outdoor conditions prior to transplanting them outdoors in any well drained soil in full sun at a distance of 60cm (2") apart.

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