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Mammoth Blanch Leek - 100 seeds

Mammoth Blanch Leek seed has been specifically selected to become a superior exhibition variety. It is extremely tall, displays an extra long blanch and can be grown to over 3kg in weight! It is frost hardy and has excellent flavour for the kitchen.

Price  $ 5.99
Mammoth Long Beetroot

Mammoth Long Beetroot has very long, tapered quality roots. The flesh is smooth and very dark and has won lots of show prizes over the years. In the kitchen, it possess a very sweet flavour.

Price  $ 5.99
Exhibition Long Parsnips - 100 seeds

Exhibition Long Parsnip seeds will produce parsnips with very long tapered roots They have a fantastic flavour which makes them popular with serious exhibitors and the kitchen alike.

Price  $ 5.99
Mammoth Improved Onion - 100 seeds

The seed from Mammoth Improved onion has been selected and graded from exhibition winners since the late 1800's.This special variety has now reached a high standard of vigour and uniformity and can be grow to over 2kg in weight and 60cm in circumference! It has a very sweet flavour

Price  $ 5.99
Mammoth Red Onion

This is the largest red onion in cultivation. It has excellent keeping qualities and is well known for its strong taste. Is has also been given the RHS awart of merit.

Price  $ 5.99
Mammoth Pot Leek

Mammoth Pot Leek is a true pot leek with very broad flags and a short blanch of 14cm. Although it has been bred for the exhibitor, it still has excellent flavour and a tight flesh that is ideal for culinary use. This is one of the easiest leeks to grow and is very frost hardy.

Price  $ 5.99
Robinsons Champion Giant Cabbage - 30 seeds

Robinsons Champion Giant Cabbage is a giant round cabbage which matures during the autumn. It has an excellent full flavour ideal for coleslaw or cooking. Amazing sizes can be grown from this variety.

Price  $ 5.99
Mammoth White Celery

Mammouth White Celery is very quick growing, producing very thick solid heads. It is a very crisp trench celery with excellent flavour. This variety will need to be blanched.

Price  $ 6.49
Onion Bedfordshire Champion - approximately 250 seeds

A very popular and reliable variety for well over 100 years. Ideally suited to our climate producing large globe shaped, golden brown skinned bulbs with crisp white flesh.Bedfordshire Giant has a late summer maturity. Well grown bulbs have excellent storing capabilities. Grows best in well-drained, rich soil in full sun.

Price  $ 3.49
Pumpkin 'Dill's Atlantic Giant' - 8 seeds
 Try growing your own monster pumpkins! Pumpkin ‘Dill's Atlantic Giant’ holds the Canadian and American records for size, with fruits weighing in at over 800 kg (1763lb). This spectacular variety will certainly impress the neighbours, but be sure to allow plenty of space for its long trailing stems. Even if you don’t break any records, the large fruits will stand well for a long period making them perfect for carving with the kids. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 400cm (157").
Price  $ 5.99
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