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NATIVE ENGLISH POPPY – Papaver rhoeas - approximately 2000 seeds

This glorious, hardy annual is highly evocative of the traditional English meadow. So easy is it to grow that it can be sown directly where it is to flower with little preparation. Ideal for naturalising and spectacular when planted in drifts, this beautiful, nostalgic wildflower is a hard act to beat in any garden.

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Passiflora incarnata - 7 seeds

Delightful sweet scented 8cm (3in) flowers of mauve/pink and white. Free flowering from June to September and can be treated as a hardy, herbaceous plant in sheltered gardens.

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Sunflower ‘Velvet Queen’ has stunning 6 inch flower heads in an opulent shade of rich crimson. Like is taller, better known relatives, ‘Velvet Queen’ can grow to a reasonable size but no more than about 6 ft. Flowers should appear from June until October, but remove any dying flowers to encourage further flowering. If they are gathered before they are fully open, they will also make excellent cut flowers. It is also one of the earliest sunflowers to come into bloom

Price  $ 3.99
STOCK NIGHT SCENTED – Matthiola longipetala – average 00 seeds

As one of the old favourites, night-scented stocks are one of those plants that you can guaranteed will give you a fantastic display year after year. Easy to grow from seed, and highly regarded for their fragrant perfume, night-scented stocks will bloom in just a few weeks from sowing. As their name suggests, night-scented stocks are the perfect plants for providing beneficial nocturnal pollinating insects - such as moths - a vital supply of nectar.

Price  $ 3.49

This popular variety of lavender as been a much loved favourite for many years now and for good reason too. Ideal for edging and hedging, not only does its highly aromatic leave and flowers sooth the senses, it’s also a fantastic plant for attracting beneficial pollinating insects such as the native bumble bee.

Price  $ 3.99
PYRETHRUM DAISY - Tanacetum coccineum - 100 seeds

The Pyrethrum daisy is one of those plants that is a true gardeners friend. Not only do they brighten up the garden and attract beneficial pollinating insects, their flowers also make one of the most powerful natural insecticides. Easy to grow and perfect for cut flowers.

Price  $ 2.99
POPPY - Paeony Black - approximately750 seeds

This is a truly eye-catching hardy annual which display fabulously gothic, deep purple-maroon, double flowers throughout the summer period. They are fantastic as either single specimens in the border or planted in traditional drifts. They also produce attractive seed pods which are ideal for autumn flower displays.

Price  $ 3.99
Mixed Bumblebee Friendly Flowers

In association with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust;, this mix includes a selection of favoured wildflowers as well as annual and perennial wildflowers. With many of our bumblebee species under threat, our gardens are becoming increasingly important as natural habitats have declined.

Price  $ 3.99
Datura metel Double Blackcurrant Swirl - 15 seeds

A dynamic border, container or conservatory plant with large, beautifully double frilled flowers of blackcurrant and lilac-mauve. The many flowers are earlier than most and continue through to frosts outdoors. Flowers mid summer-autumn. Height 1.4m. (5ft)

Price  $ 6.79
Teasel - Dipsacus sylvestris - approximately 100 seeds

Tall, striking, thistle-like plants with serrated leaves and large spiny flower heads. A valuable source of nectar for bees and butterflies, as well as attracting many seed-eating birds to your garden or wild flower meadow. Makes attractive, dried, cut flowers.

Price  $ 3.99
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