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AUBERGINE Bellezza nera - approximately 150 seeds

Aubergine 'Bellezza nera' is a traditional Italian eggplant which produces large oval to round, darkly coloured fruits. It has excellent texture and flavour, making it an essential ingredient for many Italian and Greek dishes.

Price  $ 3.49
Artichoke Green Globe Improved F1 - 40 seeds

Artichoke Green Globe Improved is an artichoke with sharp spines greatly reduced and larger, heavier bearing, consistent quality globe-shaped heads. Height: 120-180cm (4-6ft).

Price  $ 4.99
Asparagus Martha Washington - approximately 50 seeds

A very strong growing and productive strain, Asparagus Martha Washington produces long, thick spears in May and early June. Suitable for freezing.

Price  $ 5.49
BEETROOT Monorubra - approximately 350 seeds

Beetroot Monorubra produces long, cylindrical roots which are perfect for slicing. They have a firm, crimson flesh that is slow to go woody. It is a monogerm variety which produces only one or two seedlings per cluster making thinning out far easier.

Price  $ 4.49
BUTTERNUT SQUASH Sprinter F1 - approximately 10 seeds

Butternut squash Sprinter ia a fast maturing variety, ideal for the cooler northern climate. Each plant will typically produce 2-4 lbs of fruit in a growing season. The fruit has a sweet firm flesh together with a small seed cavity so there is little waste.

Price  $ 4.99
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Extra Early Rudolph - approximately 200 seeds

One of the earliest, Broccoli Early Sprouting Rudolph produces tasty large spears. If you live in a colder climate then you can still expect early harvests from mid February.

Price  $ 4.49
Broccoli Romanesco natalino - approximately 250 seeds

Broccoli Romanesco natalino produces individual florets with lovely spirals giving a magical appearance from late summer to early frosts, from successional plantings. The florets are an unususal bright lime-green in colour with a distinctive and almost nutty flavour. Protect heads against frost with fleece to extend season.

Price  $ 3.99
Cabbage Offenham 2 - approximately 500 seeds

Cabbage Offenham 2 is suitable for both spring and autumn cropping, either as just greens or as a fully hearted crop. They are easy to grow and are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Price  $ 2.99
Celeriac Monarch - approximately 200 seeds

Easy to grow. Large, white roots with wonderful piquant flavour, similar to celery. Stores well after harvesting for winter use. A versatile vegetable for mash, soups, stews or grated raw in salads.

Price  $ 3.99
Chinese Cabbage Orient Surprise F1 - approximately 75 seeds

Fast maturing plants that form crisp hearts of tender leaves with succulant crunchy mid-ribs. Resistant to club root and slow to bolt, helping them to stad well in the garden.

Price  $ 4.99
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