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Courgette Striato ditailia - approximately 25 seeds

Darkish green, smooth, cylindrical fruits with pale green stripes. Courgette Zucchino Striato d'Italia is very productive fruiting variety throughout the summer if picked regularly.

Price  $ 4.49
Cucumber - baby - Beth Alpha - 40 seeds

Cucumber Beth Alpha produces prolific crops of high quality, fantasically sweet baby cucmbers. For best flavour and quality pick when the fruits are 4-6 inches long.

Price  $ 4.49
Fennel Florence Finale - approximately 100 seeds

Florence Finale produces firm, flatterned bulbs with good bolt resistance. It has a delicious, sweet and delicate aniseed flavour. Use in salads and with fish to counteract oiliness. The fine, feathery foliage can also be used as a garnish.

Price  $ 4.49
Ghurkin Hohus - approximately 20 seeds

Easy to grow, slender dark green fruits, pick when up to 10cm (4in) long. Early-fruiting, trailing variety with high yields for outdoor crops. Has good resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus.

Price  $ 4.49
Kale Nero di Toscana - approximately400 seeds

Increasingly popular and easy to grow, Kale Nero di Toscana; has unusual, very dark wrinkled leaves which can be used as a 'baby salad leaf' to add colour, texture and taste to mixed salads. The mature plant can also be used as a winter hardy vegetable when fresh produce is in short supply. Versitile and nutritious Kale 'Nero di Toscana' can be used both raw and cooked.

Price  $ 3.99
Kohl Rabi Purple Vienna approximately500 seeds

Attractive, purple-skinned roots with pure white, succulent flesh, best eaten when golf ball size, although the flesh still remains succulent and bitter free when roots are larger. Easy to grow, quick to mature in under 8 weeks from sowing. Plants have a neat, compact growth making them ideal for early sowings under cloches or fleece.

Price  $ 3.99
Okra ‘Cajun Delight’ F1 - approximately 15 seeds

All American Selections Winner in 1997, this early and prolific high yielder has been widely adopted as the best choice for shorter summer areas. Okra ‘Cajun Delight’ is a strong plant bred to grow in cooler climates producing full-flavoured pods. Stir-fry to retain pod structure or casserole in dishes to release its unique, sticky texture.

Price  $ 5.49
Onion Bedfordshire Champion - approximately 250 seeds

A very popular and reliable variety for well over 100 years. Ideally suited to our climate producing large globe shaped, golden brown skinned bulbs with crisp white flesh.Bedfordshire Giant has a late summer maturity. Well grown bulbs have excellent storing capabilities. Grows best in well-drained, rich soil in full sun.

Price  $ 3.49
PEPPER Sweet Romano - approximately 50 seeds

Pepper Sweet Romano produces long and pointed fruits with thin skins, very sweet flesh and the added benefit of very few seeds. A popular choice of pepper that is grown throughout the Mediterranean, it is suitable for growing either in a green house or outside in a warm sunny position.

Price  $ 4.99
Pak Choi Hei Xia F1 - approximately 150 seeds

Easy to grow with broad succulent stems and dark green tender leaves. The plants are cold tolerant and slow to bolt making them ideal for harvesting as baby leaf or left to mature

Price  $ 4.99
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