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Morning Glory Kniola Black Knight - 30 seeds

This variety is perhaps the most beautifal and rich of all the Morning Glory hybrids. It is a vigorous climber clothed in masses of attractive purple black blooms with a contrasting cerise throats during the summer. It is perfect for a sunny position and can be grown on trellis-work, obelisks or allowed to ramble through shrubs.

Because these seeds have very hard shells, you will need to help them germinate. First, take a nail file and just nick the pointy end of the seed. This will allow water to soften the shell and speed the germination process. Then place the seeds in a shot glass or a small glass and fill with water to cover the seeds overnight or for two days. Then, plant the seeds 1/4 inch into potting soil or directly in the ground. Keep watered, not saturated and you will have a morning glory sprouting out of the soil in three days to one week later. They love full sun. Plant them where you will see them in the morning, if possible, because that is the only time of day they will bloom.

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