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POLYANTHUS Gold Lace - 25 Seeds

Polyanthus ‘Gold Lace’ is one of those varieties that always catches the eye. Its ‘auricular’ style of flower - unusual for polyanthus varieties - is both bold and intricate, but don’t let its delicately patterned flower fool you because the Gold Lace Polyanthus is as tough as old boots and extremely winter hardy.

Dating back to the mid-1600’s, Polyanthus ‘Gold Lace’ is a true historical gem; in fact it was once held in high regard and considered to be the ‘Florists’ polyanthus. This was during a time (18th and 19th centuries) when the word ‘florist’ was used to described enthusiasts of a limited range of flowers who, having grown their speciality flower to perfection, showed it in keen competition against those grown by their fellow florists. A passion which is still followed by breeders in the United States today.

It has unfortunately fallen in and out of favour over the centuries since it made its first appearance and, for a time, was at risk of disappearing completely. Luckily, its unusual flowers are back in favour, a breath of fresh air when compared to the blousy hybrids that are more commonly sold.

They can be grown from seed sown during the first half of the year – anytime between January and June, but don’t expect to see any flowers until the following year. They are just as easy to grow from seed as any of the common garden primroses and polyanthus, its only requirements is that they are raised in a damp, well drained soil in a sunny to semi-shaded position.The Polyanthus ‘Gold Lace’ is also environmentally friendly as it is attractive to both bees and butterflies.

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