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Ensete Glaucum Hardy snow banana - 4 seeds

The hardy Snow Banana is native to the mountainous regions of China and Nepal. and can be found up as heigh as 1,100 meters. In fact in China it has been found as hight as 2,700 meters. It can grow to between 15 and 20 ft in height and will produce massive pendulous, white flowerheads. Given the right conditions it will also bear numerous 5 inch long fruits which develop within the flowerhead, and are laden with black marble size seeds. The pseudostem (trunk) and the leaves are covered with a glaucous, grey-green wax, giving the stem a bluish coloration.

Soak the seeds for 3 days before sowing. Plant into a free- draining, seed compostl mixture at a temperature over 20 degrees Celcius. Keep the compost lightly moist, and in a position where it can recieve plenty of bright light. Germination can take 4-8 weeks. Once germinated fertilize lightly with each watering, but be careful not to keep the soil tool wet. Preiodically mist and try to avoid dry humidity.

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